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Our history

At the initiative of Andoni, the CVCE (Basque Club of

Camping ELKARTEA), located in San Sebastian (Country

Basque – Spain) gave birth to this race

in the French Pyrenees in collaboration

with the Luz tourist office and some

local enthusiasts.

Since 2008, the Altitoy club has been affiliated with the French Mountain and Climbing Federation (FFME) and organizes the ALTITOY ski mountaineering race in the heart of Pays Toy, in the Hautes-Pyrénées.

In 2024 the 14th edition will take place, from February 3 to 4. The Altitoy welcomes each edition more than 600 runners of different nationalities. Over the years, this race has become a world-renowned race which sees amateur teams and the best national teams as well as the best in the world (Kilian Jornet, Giacomo Herrmann, Xavier Gachet, etc.) come together.

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